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Learning Forum - An Introduction Metronome Home

My mission for Metronome is to provide information to local communities with my insights and valuable resources in piano education. The goal is to enhance a positive musical learning environment by educating parents and motivating students. Metronome also supports piano teachers by providing services for discussion and program announcements.

The Piano Education Guide is based on my 36 years of experience as a student, a parent and a daughter of a piano educator. This guide helps me define goals for my children in piano learning. Coupled with supplementary programs and concert events available to us, we are certain to reach the highest level for music appreciation!

Piano Education Guide

The guide explains many facets of what piano education encompasses. It should be used as one of many tools to demystify the 'unknowns' about piano education. It is by no means an officially approved guide nor affiliated with any organization. It is completely personal in nature and I don't expect every parent (and teacher) to agree with my perspective. I simply would like to share my own experiences and thoughts with other parents. Some topics that might interest you: "Find the Right Piano Teacher" and "Audition, Competitions, Examinations".


I invite piano teachers to write articles about any subject relating to piano learning and teaching. This is not only helpful for parents and students, it is also an opportunity for knowledge sharing among teachers. Watch for new articles every month.

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